22 Dollar Glasses


Wearing eyeglasses once to be a very strange action for lacking of knowledge on eye care. As with the development of clothes, eyeglasses are used not only for correcting eye vision, but also an necesseity for attractive looking.

What type of eyeglasses should I wear to correct my vision?
There are no identical pair of eyeglasses like yours. Eye state of different people are different just as there no two leaves of the same construction. So what eyeglasses are suitable depending on the situation of your eye sight.The most common lens are single-vision which are supplied for correcting some simple such as myopia or hyperopia. But once you are suffering more than two vision problems, you need to wear bifocal lens or multifocal lens. When you have astigmatism, then you have to invest astigmatism lenses. In fact, magnification various of lenses are offered for millions of different situations.

What type of materials are my eyeglasses be made of?
Different materials are utilized for making lenses and eyeglasses frames. Depending on diverse lifestyles, there are different kinds of lens, the most common lens is made from plastic. For example, polycarbonate are the safest lenses for its strong impact resistant that can prevent things from hitting your eyes. And there is a lens which is much harder to scratch. Anti-scratch coating lenses are quite nice for resistant scratch. The most traditional lenses are made from glasses which are more heavy than plastic ones. Glass lenses, on the other hand, are good because they can be made very, very thin. Eyeglasses frames are various from metal to plastic. For different cosmetic function, there are lots of materials as well as types are on sale.

Should I get an anti-reflective coating lenses?
Nowadays for the various demands of people for different purpose, lots of coatings are applied for producing lenses, including anti-reflective coating. Anti-reflective coating benefits virtually everyone who wears eyeglasses. Today most of plastic lenses have a built-in scratch-resistant coating. UV-protective coating are for eyeglass lenses block ultraviolet light rays from damaging your eyes. And there are also anti-fog coating, mirror coating and whatnot are supplied for different needs.

What should I concern about selecting frames?
The choice of frames which differ from lenses mostly is the cosmetic purpose. Except the comfort and suitability, you should also consider whether the frame are best on your face or whether it go with your personality. something you shoulf keep in mind though, is that the bigger the frame, the more lens is in it, as well as the heavier they are. So the size of frame should be taken into account for purchasing eyeglasses.