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Experience of buying prescription glasses online

My name is Farshad and I recently purchased a pair of prescription sunglasses through an online vendor. I received my glasses last month and had been trying to wear them for almost a week and couldn’t seem to do it. I have been wearing glasses and prescription sunglasses for more than 20 years. I understand that with a new pair we sometimes have to give it a fighting chance. But I just can’t seem to do it. I think something is wrong with these glasses. As a matter of factor, this is the first pair of glasses I have ever had this problem with. It seems that the right lens is not “ground” properly, as when i move my eye around in the field of vision, the image distorts and blurs on certain spots of the lens. That is not the only problem; the papillary distance seems off as well. I do not know what to do. So I sent the useless glasses back to them and asked them to check if the prescription given me matches the one i submitted on their RX form. Because that my prescription has not changed in many years.

A week later after I returned these glasses, I had not got any reply from them, I feel irritated and ask them to give me a refund, otherwise I will file a report to Better Business Bureau, they had no other choice but issued a refund. I feel that I will not trust those online stores again because of the terrible shopping experience until one day, when my daughter in-law, Marilyn came to see me, she brought me a new pair of prescription glasses that she ordered from a website named glassespeople.com. I could see clearly through them. I am very satisfied. As my daughter said she only spent $60.00 to get the entire progressive glasses, and that includes: Anti-reflective coating, anti-resistance coating, Shipping and Handling and a pair of custom made sunglasses clip-on. I will no longer purchase my prescription glasses through other stores again, but at glassespeople.com.

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